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Porsche Classic Parts Specials

Offers expire October 31st, 2018

Porsche Centre Vancouver has experienced experts available to answer any questions you may have. Your classic vehicle is in good hands.

993 OEM Shock Absorbers Complete Set

993 OEM Shock Absorbers Complete Set
$2,450 + taxes

993 Shock Absorbers are available again from Porsche Classic. To get that original driving experience, there are two versions available: one for the 993 and one for the 993 Turbo/sports suspension. For more information on these and other Porsche Classic Genuine Parts, please contact Porsche Centre Vancouver. 993 shock absorbers: Front left 99334304140 (x1). Front right 99334304240 (x1). Rear left/right 99333305138 (x2). Set $2,450 + taxes (regular $3,513) 993 Turbo/sports suspension shock absorber: Front left 99334304139 (x1). Front right 99334304239 (x1). Rear left/right 99333305139 (x2). Sale price set $2,450 + taxes (regular $3,532)

* Expires October 31st 2018. Installation and taxes are extra. Porsche recommends corner weighting and alignment after installation.


Classic Radio Navigation

Classic Radio Navigation
$1,550 + taxes

Classic on the outside, high-tech on the inside: Porsche Classic presents the new Radio Navigation System for Classic Porsche models. Available for all Classic models with DIN1 slot, from the 911 F to the 911 (Type 993), as well as for four and eight-cylinder vehicles (912, 914, 944, 968 & 928, excluding the 356). For this edition, the objective was to make further improvements and expand the device functionality in all areas through extensive testing. The device fits seamless in the dashboard, with two different knob designs to suit vintage vehicle designs. The operating logic itself is based on the current Porsche Communication Management (PCM) and its user-friendliness is evident when using the 3.5-inch touchscreen. FM and AM radio reception was enhanced through factory-fitted antennas and the country-specific navigation has been tested through test drives in both Canada and the USA. The output of 4x45 watts delivers full sound however the original factory-fitted sound system with amplifier can also be installed directly or through an adapter lead - available for order with part number 91164220901. Note that the output of the originally installed amplifier may be lower than the navigation device. The system features I-Phone, I-Pod, USB and AUX interfaces, allowing you to control external music sources from the display. Bluetooth functionality means that you can make calls directly from your vehicle. Overall, the classic design of the Porsche Classic Radio Navigation System reflects the device's analogue heritage, while the powerful sound echoes the digital future *Set 91164529100 includes required parts EXCEPT for the optional amplifier cables 91164220901 ($39.01)or 99364541300 ($66.66). Check your VIN with our Porsche Centre Vancouver Parts Department for applicable cables. Please note that extra labour may be required in the event the factory wiring has been tampered with or damaged.

* Expires October 31st 2018. *Optional cables amplifier cables not included. Service installation labour is extra; Coupe $315 + taxes, Cab $551 + taxes. Please note that extra labour may be required in the event the factory wiring has been tampered with or damaged.


Porsche Classic Tool Bag

Porsche Classic Tool Bag
$640 + taxes

We are pleased to announce the availability of Porsche Classic tool bags for the Porsche 356 and Porsche 911. As one of the first sports cars ever the Porsche 356 deserves a special treatment - with the Porsche Classic tool bag. For Classic enthusiastic customers the Porsche Classic tool bag for the Porsche 911 provides the chance to do service in the best possible way and with the highest standards of functionality and quality. They are made out of leather and the historic Porsche logo. Based on original parts and manuals, the tools have been produced, improved and now embellished with the Porsche logo. To make work more pleasant, the tool bags include a knee protector which is also made of real leather. Porsche Classic 356 tool bag: PCG64472110 Porsche Classic 911 tool bag: PCG90172110

* Expires October 31st 2018.



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