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Porsche Centre Vancouver

Porsche Centre Vancouver Hosts Exclusive 2020 Porsche 911 Launch Party

Preceded by seven historically celebrated models, the Porsche 911 is transcendently iconic. Evolving from one generation to the next, the Porsche 911 has undoubtedly earned its reputation as the ultimate luxury sports car due to decades of calculated improvements in design, performance and technology.

Porsche Centre Vancouver Porsche 992 Launch Event
Highly anticipated, the extraordinary new 2020 Porsche 911 made a well-deserved grand entrance this past Thursday, September 12th at Porsche Centre Vancouver. Through dedicated fans and fog, the latest reigning Porsche 911 took center stage.

Porsche Centre Vancouver Porsche 992 Launch Event
The 2020 Porsche 911 or ‘992’ debuted in it’s latest refined form to represent the eighth generation of the Porsche 911 in Cabriolet Carrera S and Coupe Carrera 4S versions. Both models surpassed the expectations of Porsche enthusiasts who took the rare opportunity to interact with each model from every generation.

In line with the gradual evolution of this iconic sports car, the new 992 is described by Porsche Centre Vancouver’s New Car Sales Manager, Louis McGonigal as “polishing a diamond to make it even shinier,” or simply perfecting an already perfect product. The new 2020 Porsche 911 boasts better performance, better handling, and better technology with a refined, modern cockpit.

Porsche Centre Vancouver Porsche 992 Launch Event
On display were all eight generations of the Porsche dynasty, from the very first Porsche 911, or ‘901’ premiered on September 12th, 1963 at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Guests were encouraged to vote for their favourite 911 of all time, and the Porsche 991 was the easy winner, ranking in with the majority vote, doubling that of any other generation. A Porsche 991 owner and valued guest credited his vote to the 991’s smooth, rather than squared lines on the front bonnet and 18-way adjustable power seats. Lastly, superior everyday driving comfort when compared to the GT3 racing-inspired performance models.

Porsche Centre Vancouver Porsche 992 Launch Event
Over 350 guests filled the space among the immense pillars of the pristine Porsche showroom. A delectable assortment of canapes, beverages and live entertainment were on offer for a night the Porsche Centre Vancouver team, and their loyal guests are not soon to forget.

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Generation 1
Porsche 911 (1963-1973)

On display: 1973 911 T

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Generation 2
Porsche 911 "G-model" (1973-1989)

On display: 1986 Carrera Cabriolet

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Generation 3
Porsche 911 "964" (1988-1994)

On display: 1992 964 Carrera RS

Land vehicle Vehicle Exclusive Flagship Dealer Porsche Centre Vancouver

Generation 4
Porsche 911 "993" (1993-1998)

On display: 1998 911 Carrera 4S

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Generation 5
Porsche 911 "996" (1997-2005)

On display: 2003 911 Carrera 4S

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Generation 6
Porsche 911 "997" (2004-2012)

On display: 2005 911 Carrera S

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Generation 7
Porsche 911 "991" (2011-2015)

On display: 2019 911 Turbo S

Date Posted: September 16, 2019