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New more affordable 2020 Porsche Taycan 4S revealed

New $119,400 Taycan 4S joins Taycan Turbo and Turbo S models

The new $119,400 Taycan 4S combines all the breathtaking four-door coupe styling and beautifully detailed luxury as found in the $173,900 Taycan Turbo and $213,900 Taycan Turbo S that were revealed last month, plus blisteringly quick, ground-hugging performance, but does so at a more affordable price.


Of course, Taycan 4S performance isn’t quite as strong as these incredibly potent all-electric super sedans, the Turbo providing a maximum of 671 horsepower and 627 lb-ft of torque for a 3.2-second launch control-assisted sprint to 100 km/h, and the Turbo S anteing up with an incredible 750 horsepower and 774 lb-ft of torque for an otherworldly 2.8 seconds in order to achieve the same feat, but 522 horsepower and 472 lb-ft of torque to manage 100 km/h in only 4.0 seconds flat is still blazingly fast.


Then again, those wanting a bit more power without stepping up to the Turbo or Turbo S can avail themselves of Porsche’s new Taycan 4S Performance Battery Plus package that increases output by 40 horsepower to 562 horsepower and torque by 7 lb-ft to 479 lb-ft for a fractionally faster zero to 100-km/h sprint time. Porsche doesn’t say how the zero to 100-km/h launch time is impacted, but it does give numbers for the Taycan 4S’ standing start to 160 km/h run, increasing an already scintillating 8.7-second dash to just 8.5 seconds. Terminal velocities of both 4S variants are limited to 250 km/h, which is 30 km/h off the Turbo and Turbo S top speeds.

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New Taycan 4S gets all of the same technologies as the Turbo models

Positioned under the floor of new Taycan 4S is a 79.2-kWh high-voltage lithium-ion battery boasting enough stored energy for 407 km (253 miles) of range on the European WLTP cycle, whereas the upgraded 93.4-kWh Performance Plus battery allows for 463 km (288 miles) of range. This compares well with the Taycan Turbo’s claimed 388 to 412 km (241 to 256 mile) range, and the Turbo S’ estimated 388 to 412 km (241 to 256 mile) range.


Each Taycan trim uses an industry-first 800-volt electrical architecture that allows for faster recharging, this due to an enhanced charge rate of 225 kW for the Performance Battery or 270 kW for the Performance Battery Plus, making it possible to refill any trim from five to 80 percent in a mere 22.5 minutes. To be clear, standard 400-volt high-speed DC charging occurs at 50 kW, although an available booster will increase the charge rate of these stations to 150 kW. You can also use the standard AC charger for topping up the Taycan at any J1772 compatible charge station, or alternatively plug it in at your home or office.


Of note, Porsche makes the charging process even easier with its new Charging Planner, an app that can help plot a chosen course by factoring in ideal recharging locations along the way. For instance, the app can choose a quicker 270-kW charge station that will save you charging time over a regular 50-kW DC charger, and by calculating and comparing travel and charging times may even recommend a slight detour from the otherwise shortest route in order to hasten travel time overall. What’s more, the Charging Planner will precondition the battery to 20 degrees Celsius, which is best for quicker recharging.


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Innovative power unit and suspension technologies separate Taycan from other EVs

A longer driving route that might take you off the beaten track sounds like a recipe for fun, and to make sure you enjoy every minute of it the new Taycan 4S employs the same all-wheel drive configuration as its more formidable trim lines, including front and rear axle-mounted permanently excited synchronous motors plus a two-speed transmission in back. Porsche’s centrally networked 4D Chassis Control system provides real-time analysis and synchronization for the Taycan’s standard electronic damper control Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM) enhanced three-chamber adaptive air suspension too, all of which comes together for incredible handling.


Porsche expects to achieve better reliability than EVs that have come before too. One way to achieve this is via an exclusive hairpin winding technique applied to the electric motor stators’ copper solenoid coils, which provides a copper fill factor of 70 percent compared to 45 percent when wound in the conventional method, all allowing for increased performance and cooler operation.

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Ultra advanced electronics and abundant luxury make for a stunning cabin

The Taycan 4S’ power unit, drivetrain components and performance can be monitored on a fully digital high-definition primary gauge cluster filled with colourful graphics and framed in a free-standing, curved housing that borrows much of design from Porsche’s legendary 911 past, while a 10.9-inch high-definition capacitive touchscreen is fixed to the centre of the Taycan 4S’ instrument panel. You can also chose an available front passenger display that continues the digital experience across to the right side of the dash, this feature first revealed with the Taycan Turbo and Turbo S last month.


Options in mind, the new Taycan 4S can be had with a number of $910 metallic colours (including the eye-catching Frozen Blue launch colour shown in the photos, plus cool Mamba Green and gorgeous Gentian Blue) and one $3,590 special colour (Carmine Red), while there are also two sets of 20-inch alloy wheels available and three 21-inch rims, all ranging from $2,710 to $10,010. Inside, its black partial leather cabin can be upgraded to $4,710 black or multiple $5,360 two-tone leather, $7,490 solid or $8,150 two-tone Club leather, or alternatively a Porsche-first $4,710 solid or $5,360 two-tone leather-free Race-Tex interior, that latter combination including innovative recycled materials that help reduce the Taycan’s environmental footprint.

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Taycan 4S provides a generous list of standard features 

As for standard features, White or Black exterior paint requires no extra charge, and neither does its unique front fascia, black painted side skirts, or rear diffuser. The standard items list continues with LED headlamps sporting Porsche Dynamic Light System Plus (PDLS Plus), 19-inch five-spoke Taycan S Aero alloy wheels, red-painted six/four-piston front/rear brake calipers (in place of the yellow-painted calipers used for the Turbo and Turbo S) clamping down on 360-mm front and 358-mm rear rotors, regenerative brakes (with a maximum regenerative force of 0.39 Gs and recuperation of up to 265 kWh), proximity-sensing keyless entry, ambient interior lighting, the partial leather upholstery noted a moment ago, eight-way powered-adjustable front Comfort seats with driver’s memory, plus more.


Take note, however, this base 4S model won’t go into production until June, 2020, so those wanting a Taycan 4S before next summer will need to accept one with a $1,690 panoramic glass sunroof instead of the standard aluminum roof. Additionally, the Porsche Mobile Charger Plus option won’t arrive initially either, with the Porsche Mobile Charger Connect system made standard for early adapters.

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Ultra quiet super sedan now available to order from Porsche Centre Vancouver 

Don’t expect much intrusion from noise when whisked away on the highway, as the Taycan’s amazingly slippery 0.22 coefficient of drag (Cd) will reduce passing wind to a whisper, all the while minimizing energy use.


The new 2020 Taycan 4S, which can now be ordered through Porsche Centre Vancouver, will arrive next year. To learn more, contact Porsche Centre Vancouver at (604) 736-7911 or come visit our showroom at 688 Terminal Ave, Vancouver.



Story credits: Trevor Hofmann  

Photo credits: Porsche


Date Posted: October 28, 2019