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2018 Luxury and Supercar Weekend Celebrating 70 Years of Porsche

We continued the celebration of 70 Years of Porsche September 8th-9th at Van Dusen Gardens at the 9th annual 2018 Luxury and Supercar Weekend.

The highlight of our activation was the 356 "No.1" along with a 918 Spyder, 964, the new GT2 RS and GT3 RS, Carrera GT, and Macan.

More about the 356 “No. 1” show car

To celebrate the 70th anniversary of the sports car, a replica of the original with its initial body shape has been created. Aluminium panels were bent, pulled and hammered over a wooden skeleton model using manual tools –just as they were when the original vehicle was manufactured.

The show car was ready eight months later, producing a vehicle that has both historical and symbolic meaning for Porsche: The brand essence of all Porsche sports cars references the shape, dynamic design and lightweight construction concept of this vehicle.

The Porsche 356 “No. 1” Roadster, with mid-engine and lattice tube frame, remained a truly distinctive vehicle, the values of which are still the cornerstone of all the brand’s sports cars today. This unique car was followed by the first small series of 356 sports cars with a rear engine. The first models were designed and built in the Austrian town of Gmünd, where the design office founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche established its temporary premises during the early post-war years. Once Porsche returned to Stuttgart in 1950, production of the Porsche 356 series began. It became an international success: By 1965, the company had built around 78,000 vehicles.

Watch our recap video below! 


Date Posted: September 19, 2018