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Fabulous new 2020 Porsche Cayenne Coupé ready to order

Redefining one of the world’s sportiest SUVs

How do you make one of the auto industry’s sportiest SUVs even more dynamic? Lower the roofline, sweep back the rear glass, aid airflow with state-of-the-art active aerodynamics, and pump it full of turbocharged muscle. Meet the all-new 2020 Cayenne Coupé, a fresh and exciting new take on Porsche’s highly successful mid-size SUV.

“The Coupé includes all the technical highlights of the current Cayenne, but has an even more dynamic design and new technical details that position it as more progressive, athletic, and emotional,” commented Oliver Blume, Chairman of the Executive Board of Porsche AG.

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Lower, wider and way cooler

A new front windscreen and shallower A pillars lead up to a tapering roofline that’s 20 millimetres lower than the regular Cayenne’s, while just below are new triangular-shaped rear side windows, redesigned rear doors, reworked rear quarter panels that expand the Cayenne Coupé’s overall width by 19 mm, and a new rear bumper with an integrated license plate cutout, all combining for a wider, lower and more aggressive looking performance SUV.

“The significantly more steep roof line that falls away to the rear makes the Cayenne Coupé appear even more dynamic, and positions it as the sportiest-looking model in the segment,” added Michael Mauer, Vice President Style Porsche.

The Cayenne Coupé highlights continue with an adaptive rear deck lid spoiler, individual rear sport seats divided by a centre console, plus a standard 2.16-cubic-metre fixed glass panoramic sunroof with a roller blind for blocking the outer elements when not wanted, or optionally a sporty, lightweight carbon-fibre roof panel.

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Redefining one of the world’s sportiest SUVs

Adaptive aerodynamics and a new carbon fibre roof add to the standout design

As with the redesigned 2019 Cayenne, the new Cayenne Coupé will be the first model in its SUV coupe market segment to feature an adaptive rear spoiler, but while the regular Cayenne only makes this active aero technology available to Turbo customers, the Cayenne Coupé provides it as standard equipment across the line.

The new adaptive rear spoiler extends by 135 mm at speeds of 90 km/h and above, helping to optimize airflow from the smaller rooftop spoiler that directs that air down the rear glass. Dubbed Porsche Active Aerodynamics (PAA), the system helps to increase rear downforce in order to assist high-speed handling and braking, while also benefiting the SUV’s overall aero efficiency to reduce wind noise and improve fuel economy.

While active aerodynamics are standard, the carbon roof mentioned a moment ago will require an upgrade to one of three lightweight sports packages that also include Sport Design features, a special set of 22-inch GT Design wheels, hounds-tooth Pepita checkered cloth seat inserts that will be sure to conjure memories of classic Porsches past, plus carbon and suede-like Alcantara cabin trim accents.

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Redefining one of the world’s sportiest SUVs

Well-proven performance gives the new Cayenne Coupé a solid advantage

Standard with the Cayenne Coupé Turbo is a sport exhaust system that provides a freer flowing escape for the powerful twin-turbocharged 4.0-litre V8 engine’s waste gases. The top-tier powertrain, which is identical to that used on the regular Cayenne Turbo, puts 541 horsepower and 567 pound-feet of torque down to all four wheels via an ultra-quick shifting eight-speed automatic transmission, all resulting in a shockingly fast zero to 100km/h sprint time of just 3.9 seconds, while its terminal velocity tops out at a lofty 286 km/h.

For those happy to experience life at a more moderate yet still spirited pace, the base Cayenne Coupé utilizes the same turbocharged 3.0-litre V6 found in the standard Cayenne, good for an identical 335 horsepower and 332 lb-ft of torque. Thanks to attention paid to lightweight components and a well-sorted eight-speed automatic gearbox mated to standard AWD, straight-line performance remains strong at 6.0 seconds from standstill to 100km/h, or 5.9 seconds when equipped with one of the Cayenne Coupé’s a lightweight sports packages, all before terminating at a top speed of 243 km/h. Notably, both Cayenne Coupé models make the Sport Chrono Package standard.

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Plenty of standard features make the Cayenne Coupé even more desirable

Other standard Cayenne Coupé features include Porsche’s speed-sensitive Power Steering Plus system, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM), and 20-inch light alloy wheels, all of which add more to the price of a regular Cayenne.

On the subject of pricing, both 2020 Cayenne Coupé models represent excellent value, with the base model available from just $86,400, and the Cayenne Coupé Turbo starting at $148,000.

Additional noteworthy upgrades from the regular Cayenne to the new Coupé include special eight-way powered sport seats with larger side bolsters, while Porsche smartly adjusts for the lower roofline by positioning the rear seat cushions 30 mm lower, effectively increasing rear headroom.

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Passenger and cargo capacity hardly affected by new body style

By the way, that tapered roofline only slightly impacts the Cayenne Coupé’s cargo capacity, with just 145 litres less luggage space than the already roomy regular Cayenne, resulting in the base Cayenne Coupé measuring a sizeable 625 litres behind its rear seatbacks compared to the larger model that’s good for 770 litres of gear. What’s more, laying either SUV’s 40/20/40 split-folding rear seatbacks down provides up 1,540 litres of cargo room in the Cayenne Coupé or 1,710 litres in the regular Cayenne, resulting in a difference of only 170.0 litres, which makes the new Coupé nearly as practical as its larger sibling.

The gorgeous new 2020 Cayenne Coupé will arrive at Porsche Centre Vancouver later this year, so make sure to preorder yours now by calling (604) 736-7911, or visiting us in our showroom at 688 Terminal Ave, Vancouver.

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Story credits: Trevor Hofmann
Photo credits: Porsche

Date Posted: March 26, 2019