The Porsche Centre Vancouver Team

Our Porsche Team

Let us introduce you to our staff, show you some of our special vehicle offers and take you through our complete line of new, Certified pre-owned and used inventory. We can help you find exactly what you are looking for.

We know your time is valuable. We are sure you will find our site a fast and convenient way to research and find a vehicle that's right for you. If we can be of any assistance while visiting us online, send us an email and we will promptly reply.We look forward to serving you!

Peter Wong

Peter Wong | General Manager

Peter has been with Porsche Centre Vancouver since 2000. His interest in Porsche and the people who own, drive and race them has grown stronger. His sales team is dedicated to enhancing your sales experience so that it rates beyond your expectations.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Lewis McGonigal

Lewis McGonigal | New Car Sales Manager

Lewis is an automotive enthusiast and his appreciation for cars started at a very early age. He has over 20 years of industry experience and his passion is to connect people with their dream cars. Contact Lewis to start your Porsche journey.

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 119

Michael Hwang

Michael Hwang | Pre-Owned Sales Manager

Michael has been a long time Porsche enthusiast and has built a career in the European Luxury Automotive market since 2000. He enjoys working with his team to ensure we provide the highest quality of retail service on all our Porsche Approved vehicles. Please contact Michael to start your Porsche Approved experience today!

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 136

Barry Lau

Barry Lau | Business Manager

With over 10 years of experience, Barry will be able to help you with any financial needs when purchasing your next Porsche vehicle.

Phone: 604.730.2108

Roslind Leong

Roslind Leong | Business Manager

Roslind loves to see people smile and she will strive to help you with your financial needs.


Mobile: 604-730-2106

Phone: 604.736.7911                          

Lena Wong

Lena Wong | Customer Service Manager

Lena puts her best efforts to make sure the interactions between the clients and dealerships goes smoothly.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Kelly Chan

Kelly Chan | Sales & Leasing Professional

Kelly has always had an affinity and appreciation for German luxury cars. As a woman, she believes that what is important in a car is not only what's "under the hood", but also the driving experience coupled with stylish design and detailed interior finishing. Having worked with other luxury brand in the recent past, Kelly is convinced that Porsche satisfies the most discriminating needs that her clients demand from their vehicle. She is dedicated to sharing her passion on Porsche to female car lovers in particular.


Mobile: 604-762-7662

Phone: 604.736.7911

Bob Clarke

Bob Clarke | Certified Brand Ambassador

With over 25 years experience selling Porsche Cars for Porsche Centre Vancouver, Bob knows the importance of long term customer relationships. He enjoys selling customers their first Porsche. If the customer is satisfied with their Porsche experience they will become repeat customers. That is the key to our success.

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 124

Stuart Coutts

Stuart Coutts | Certified Brand Ambassador

With over 12 years with Porsche Centre Vancouver, Stuart continues to enjoy providing clients with cars that they can delight in driving on a daily basis. Presented with the 'Porsche Sales Excellence Top 100 Worldwide Award' multiple times, Stuart has a genuine fascination and appreciation for sports cars that are equally at home on the ice in Northern Finland as they are in France at full speed on the Circuit Paul Riccard. Stuart enjoys creating individual factory orders for clients who are on their 1st Porsche or their 20th Porsche, as their enthusiasm for the Porsche brand is always exciting.

"Delivering a Porsche is only a first step for us in providing a fantastic ownership experience for a Porsche client."


Mobile:   604-323-4730

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 157

William Fong

William Fong | Certified Brand Ambassador

William has been working with Porsche Centre Vancouver since 1993. He has over 25 years of service to his clients. William is also fluent in Mandarin and Cantonese.


Mobile:   604-377-8368

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 178

Joey Huang

Joey Huang | Certified Brand Ambassador

Providing service with enthusiasm and professionalism with Porsche Centre Vancouver since 2010, Joey's mission is to assist you in choosing the Porsche that suits you best!


Mobile:   604-767-5639

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 122

Kevin Lee

Kevin Lee | Sales & Leasing Professional

Originally from Korea, Kevin's automotive experience spans many years. He has always dreamt of driving and travelling with friends in an ultra high performance sports car, such as the 911, one day. His current goal is to address customer's needs and help them reach their car dreams.


Mobile: 778-994-4684

Phone: 604.736.7911

John Lowe

John Lowe | Certified Brand Ambassador

John joined the Porsche Centre Vancouver in 2013 and it is his dream to connect with people who are also into the Porsche brand.


Mobile:   778-896-5169

Phone: 604.736.7911 Ext. 121

Derrick Mai

Derrick Mai | Sales & Leasing Professional

Derrick joined the Porsche Centre Vancouver team in 2017 and he enjoys sharing his Porsche knowledge and passion with his clients.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Tsang Poon

Tsang Poon | Sales & Leasing Professional

Tsang is fluent in English, Mandarin and Cantonese.


Mobile: 604.720.2286

Phone: 604.736.7911

Brian Yeung

Brian Yeung | Certified Brand Ambassador

Brian has an eye for style and he will be able to match you with the perfect vehicle.


Mobile: 604-783-3111

Phone: 604.736.7911

Rita Fu

Rita Fu | New Car Sales Adminstrator

Rita starts your Porsche Centre Vancouver experience with a smile.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Tara Norrish

Tara Norrish | Receptionist

Tara welcomes you to the Porsche Centre Vancouver.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Maggie Chen

Maggie Chen | Receptionist

Robin Varley

Robin Varley | Shop Foreman

Robin is great with vehicle engines and it would be his pleasure to work on your vehicle.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Michelle Hou

Michelle Hou | Service Advisor

Ever since Michelle was a little girl, she has always been passionate about cars. That is why she will put in her best effort to make sure your vehicle is running perfectly.

Phone: 604.730.2135

Kyle Logan

Kyle Logan | Service Advisor

Kyle has been with Porsche Centre Vancouver since 2007. He brings with him 14 years of automotive experience. As a Certified Porsche Service Professional he is dedicated to your ownership experience.

Phone: 604.730.2133

Ray Okuchi

Ray Okuchi | Service Advisor

Ray is a Certified Porsche Service Advisor and has been with Porsche Centre Vancouver for 9 years and has over 17 years experience in the motorsports/automotive field. He enjoys working with the Customers to make there ownership experience exceptional. He understands each owner is different and he strives to cater to there individual needs. Ray likes to share his knowledge and passion for the Porsche brand with all his customers.

Phone: 604.730.2134

Nick Hsu

Nick Hsu | Appointment Coordinator

Nick is very good with time management and he uses this skill to coordinate client appointments.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Blair Martin

Blair Martin | Warranty Administrator

Blair does a great job in handling Porsche Centre Vancouver warranties with follow-ups.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Robb Findlay

Robb Findlay | Parts Manager

With over 25 years of Parts Experience in the Automotive Industry, Robb takes pride in leading a team of dedicated Porsche Certified Parts Specialists in providing an exemplary level of service to Porsche enthusiasts.

Phone: 604.730.2110

Leo Chau

Leo Chau | Parts Specialist

Leo has been with Porsche Centre Vancouver for over seven years. He is a car enthusiast from an early age and he still has a strong passion for it. Leo is a Certified Porsche Parts Professional who is knowledgeable and able to help our customers with their parts needs along with Tequipment and selection products. He is always ready to assist you in a committed and professional manner.

Phone: 604.730.2109

Ken Cho

Ken Cho | Parts Specialist

Ken has a cheerful personality and he will make your experience at the Porsche Centre Vancouver parts department fun and exciting.

Phone: 604.730.2109

John Wastle

John Wastle | Parts Specialist

Art Kong

Art Kong | Shipping and Receiving

Art has been heading up Parts distribution with Porsche Centre Vancouver for over seven years. He has shipping/receiving experience for over 15 years in various industries. He brings with him the dedication to insure our supply and distribution is second to none.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Paul Chiu

Paul Chiu | Lot Attendant Supervisor (Pre-owned)

Phone: 604.736.7911

Wayne Huang

Wayne Huang | Lot Attendant Supervisor (Sales)

Phone: 604.736.7911

Arnel Rian

Arnel Rian | Lot Attendant Supervisor (Service)

Phone: 604.736.7911

Kyle Altchison

Kyle Altchison | Lot Attendant

Phone: 604.736.7911

Mac Carpio

Mac Carpio | Lot Attendant

Beny Cheng

Beny Cheng | Lot Attendant

Phone: 604.736.7911

Jeb Deveau

Jeb Deveau | Lot Attendant

Phone: 604.736.7911

James Fong

James Fong | Lot Attendant

Phone: 604.736.7911

Aaron Jawanda

Aaron Jawanda | Lot Attendant

Phone: 604.736.7911

Jay Sidhu

Jay Sidhu | Lot Attendant

Jay has worked with various Porsche models and his favourite the Porsche 911.

Phone: 604.736.7911

Tiago Dacunha

Tiago Dacunha | Detailer

Tiago is very tidy and will do his best in detailing your Porsche.

Phone: 604.736.7911